Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blade Runner Miniatures Part 2

Miniatures, minis, and more minis! Minis minis everywhere! Wow. OK. So I have spent so much time painting mini figures lately that I injured a tendon in my left hand. I'm right-handed, so all I can figure is that holding the minis in the same position in my left had for so long cramped, stretched, or somehow injured my left thumb. No joke, this kills. It hurts mostly at night. Enough bitching and moaning. I'm fine. Onward.

So I have been at the Blade Runner mini game for a while now. Arkham Horror minis are the best series so far for buying cheap minifigs that can be used right out of the box. Or you can just paint 'em a little and they are ready to go. In addition to the main film characters, I want to populate this homebrewed game with new Balde Runner universe-style players and bad guys.

Here are a few of the figures I've custom painted to create new playable characters for this game. Knox is another playable Blade Runner similar to Deckard. This was just an Arkham Horror figure ever so slightly repainted. The next new character I came up with was Rocket. I was trying to think of a friend Deckard might have, and when I spotted one of my son's Heroclix minis I came up with this teen or 20-something tech nicknamed Rocket. No one knows his real name. He lives on the street, has some friends who also exist on the streets, but he's close to Deckard. Maybe they have a pseudo father-son thing going. This is still a work in progress. I wanted some playable badass female characters and after searching online I found two Star Wars minis that fit what I had in mind perfectly. Xoe (pronounced Oh-E) and Vala are a two-person female Balde Runner unit. I came up with the characters as a pair but there's no reason a PC could not play one alone in an adventure. I snapped the Star Wars minis they came from to show how I altered them. They're all black with a red line indicating their BR status. I'm not sure I'll ever be running a home game with more then about five or six people playing, so beyond these four and Deckard I think for now I have enough playable characters. I might make a few more just to give players a choice.
Blade Runner RPG
Invented Blade Runner miniature RPG figures. 

So after making a few PC minis I'm going to need some decent bad guys. I'm thinking thugs, a replicant who hunts Blade Runners for sport, a neutral bounty hunter, bad police, etc. Over at Hasslefree Miniatures I found a few good figures that might be painted nicely to help populate this game.

In my search I came across a great Rick Deckard figure. By this time I'd already made two custom ones, but this one was such a dead-on copy I had to get it. The figure is from Aberrant Games Rezolution series. The figures come listed as two CSO Rangers. One is a dead-on Rick Deckard. The other is a not so dead-on, rather R. Crumb-looking Rachel. They come together, so if you want one you get 'em both. I ordered two sets in case I screwed up one. I did fine, but I'll probably paint the extra eventually. I need to go through the site more to see if I can find any more possible Blade Runner copies or ones I might use as add-ons to the game.

The next great miniatures site I found was Hasslefree Minis. Here you will find quite a few "unofficial official" minifigures. The Scooby Doo crew, Snake Plissken, Terminator, a stubby looking Mad Max, John McClane from Die Hard, and more are all there. None of them are listed with their actual name because they're "unofficial." You just need to search and discover what they have.

Here are a few of the minis I found on the web and in stores. The first image is of the two Rezolution figures, Deckard and Rachel. The second image shows the unpainted metal Deckard figure. The third figure is Deckard after I painted him. The next row shows a stylish-looking woman in a dress. I ordered her from Hasslefree Minis because I felt she was another perfect female figure in the style of Rachel. She could be a playable or non-playable character. The next mini is a tough guy with his hands in his pockets. He also was from Hasslefree Minis. He will likely be a bad guy. The next mini also from Hasslefree Minis is some kid with a funny hat and a gun. I wanted some thugs, and a group of future kid punks is perfect. I ordered all these and another kid with a gas mask on. Perfect for the smoggy future of Blade Runner.
Blade Runner RPG
Found, unpainted, and altered Blade Runner RPG miniatures.

The last row are a few Heroclix I bought and altered and painted. The first is Gordon from Batman. He became a Deckard. Getting off the glasses and face hair did not go perfectly. To the naked eye, the minis look better then in the photos. The flaws are not as easily seen in-hand as in a blown-up photo. The next cowboy from Jonah Hex became Roy with a trench coat. After cutting off quite a bit on him it came out decent. See picture below for the finals on some of these. The last one is going to be Zorah. I still need to paint her and add her to a base.

Once all the mini creation is over, I'll get back to making prefab character cards for the playable characters. Then I'll be making stat cards for all the non-playable characters and bad guys. After that I'll need to write up an adventure to run friends through. This project has been very fun and as I search I find others who have searched as I am for Blade Runner minis and/or games. There are a few BR-style games out there, but I'm just going to use basic D20 rules and make my own. It's not going to be a super-complex game, but getting there is half the fun.
Blade Runner RPG Minis
Blade Runner Miniatures of main characters from the film.