Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why is there no Land of the Lost RPG?

For those of you who may not know, Land of the Lost was a bizarre science fiction show that aired in the early 1970s. It was part of Sid & Marty Krofft's kids lineup of TV shows. The Land of the Lost featured a dad with his  2 kids who go rafting and are swept through a time-space portal during a massive earthquake. Rick Marshal and his two kids Will and Holly awaken in some jungle still in their raft to an angry T-Rex screaming above them. The three of them quickly find shelter in a cave where they set up their new home. They eventually learn they are in some lost world, time-space fracture, alien planet. It's never entirely clear, but they are not on earth. There is more than one moon in the sky.

They eventually encounter Sleestaks—a bipedal reptile species that is often hostile towards them. There are crazy crystals that react in a variety of different ways when touched to one another. Finally they meet Enik, an intelligent friendly Sleestak who calls himself an Altrusian. He explains that the Sleestaks are his species from the future.

The short cheesy production dug itself deep into many kid fans—myself included—minds back in the 70s. Despite the low production value and bad stop motion dinosaurs the show had a very intelligent premise. The fractured time-space lost location seemingly culled from many planets and times still fascinates me to this day. When  feature film was announced I got very excited. I hoped they would take the very thing that was smart about the show and make a cool intelligent science fiction film for the present. Enter Will Ferrell and what we wound up with was a diarrhea of a film with butt hole humor. big deal. Hollywoods loss. They want to produce dogshit, that is their prerogative.

Will Ferrell Land of the Lost poop film

My wish is for a line of Heroclix or RPG miniatures so that a D20 RPG could be played out. Maybe I'll make them myself. I already spent a lot of my down time last winter creating custom Blade Runner minis. I posted about them here on this blog and again on this one.

The minis for a Land of the Lost RPG needed would be as follows:

Rick Marshal
Holly Marshall
Uncle Jack
Mrs. Marshall


Sleestak Leader (5-10 variant poses)
Sleestak Drone Commander

The Zarn
Beauregard Jackson
Col. Post
Capt. Van de Mire
Mr. Blandings
Lone Wolf (1 episode, 1976)
Captain Elmo Diggs

A large selection of dinosaurs would be needed for any such game but good dinosaurs already exist. Dinosaurs produce by the company Schleich are top quality and could easily be used for any D20 game. Some of the big dinos may be too large for fast gameplay but a system for dino reaffixes could easily be worked out. Some of the smaller dinos might spot and chase humans more easily than larger dinos where humans could easily hide from them or run under their legs.

existing map with existing Schleich dinos

Existing Schleich human minis. 

Given the huge amount of excellent maps that already exist I dot not think I'd bother to make any maps with a grid on it. I did already make a land of the Lost map a long time ago. Feel free to download and use this map if you ever want to contribute to this project.

Land of the Lost Map I made a few years ago

Other items from the show like Matrix Table, Pylons, Crystals, barriers, and portals could all be easily made with cardboard.

Matric Table. A mini LED one would be awesome!

The minis are the one detail that would help make RPG miniature gameplay that much more exciting. Sure RPGs can easily be played with no minis or just cardboard minis. It is fun to have minis for what you are playing and a nice min helps to cement a character into a players mind.

Anyone with any suggestions please comment. If I knew how to use 3D programs and had access to a 3D printer i bet this could help to facilitate something useable that could then be hand painted.

Update: here is the Wikipedia link to info about the interesting world of Land of the Lost.

Here are a few articles I found with a little digging: Role-playing in the Land of the Lost

And here is another one, which is just a entry and posts in a char room. Still it's something: The Land of the Lost as a RPG setting: Anyone done this?