Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Skylanders Tabletop RPG

We need a Skylanders Tabletop RPG

Another custom Skylander by my son

I recently built a shelf for my sons Skylanders based off the rough guide on the Skylander Boy and Girl youtube page. The results greatly impressed my son and kept the fire hot for more new home-brewed Skylander material. My son already imagines and draws new Skylanders all the time.

His custom Skylanders got me thinking of character creation in D&D. Then in the Skylanders Trap Team video game I saw d12 dice with the element symbols on their faces. This led me to help my son create a custom d12 out of Sculpey modeling clay. The results were not great but we will try again soon. For hand sculpted dice, bigger might be better. 

Custom Dice & layout Sketch
With dice and a hex or square grid map with 2 inch area it would be quite easy to get a tabletop Skylander RPG going. Sure we can and have already done it with traditional maps and d20 and other poly dice. A few true Skylanders items would help seal the deal though. A d8 or d10 with the element symbols on the faces would be amazing to roll. I'm not sure why the game has a d12 spinning around since there are technically only 10 elements. My guess is a d12 looks cooler than a d10 and the dice in the game has no real functionality so a few elements doubling up on the faces mean nothing to the video game play. Rolling a d10 to decide which Skylander element you can chose from for a tabletop RPG would be awesome.

The bottom line is that the existing real life miniature toy Skylanders are the perfect way to seduce kids away from video games and the TV, and onto a table with pens, paper, basic math, and infinite imagination.