Friday, January 23, 2015

New Design for Learn Tabletop RPGs Website

Yes Wizards Never Wear Armor is my gaming blog. Some may think it silly to promote another gaming site/blog right here on my own blog page. Not me. I'm not here for my ego. I'm here to talk about games, media and pop culture. If another blog is great, I'm going to sing its praises.

Erik Schmidt, a connection of mine from Google+, has redesigned his gaming site, Learn Tabletop RPGs and the results are stunning. I only wish all the game companies took as much care with making their games and sites as easy to understand as Erik has done with his site. Smart design should not be overlooked, and Learn Tabletop RPGs should be a model to anyone going forward as to how to design and present a gaming blog well.

For anyone new to gaming, or even if you have not gamed since you were a kid, Learn Tabletop RPGs is a great resource to help get you started. Great job, Eric!