Monday, February 3, 2014

Land of the Lost RPG Miniatures Part 1

With some digging and some help from good people online I have begun my work on Land of the Lost RPG miniatures. For Rick and Will Marshall I have used Arkham Horror miniatures. I still need a suitable mini for Holly.

—Update. I found a suitable mini for Holly over at Hasslefree Miniatures. Here is a link to the mini I'll be using for Holly. I'm not sure about the gun. The TV show never had guns, but removing this and having the mini still look good might be difficult. I'm considering allowing for the use of guns and other light weapons like axes, machetes, etc. Using some small weapons might help gameplay so I'll decide once I get the mini. I ordered a few other minis that seem like they will fit into the Land of the Lost world.—

I added a backpack onto Rick like one from a photo I have. Unfortunately the minis I had that were good had their arms in wacky positions because they were holding things I removed. To solve this problem i added color crystals into their hands. Crystals and torches were pretty much all the weapons they tended to have. I think this is a decent solution. He are some pictures of Rick and Will Marshal.

There is a 1/2 finished Matrix Table in the photos. It's needs to dry and then painted before it's 100%. Enjoy!