Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Land of the Lost RPG Miniatures Part 2

So in the last post I showed a few pictures of 2 Arkham Horror minis I altered and repainted to look like Rick and Will Marshall from the Land of the Lost TV show from the 70s. In my first post on a Land of the Lost RPG may people posted replies and suggested Savage Worlds RPG system. I very much appreciate the suggestion and the help. Thanks.

Ultimately it was minis we wanted here the most. We just use basic D20 rules and are heavy on story and light on mechanics. Especially here at home. In the dead of winter finding something to do—so we don't go nuts—is important. Painting minis seems to be the new annual tradition here. Last winter it was Blade Runner minis. This year it's Land of the Lost.

So over at Hasslefree Miniatures they are selling Ellie and Joel miniatures from the video game The Last of Us. Obviously they are not labeled as such, I'm guessing for legal reasons. Painting the Ellie mini to resemble Holly is going to be fun. The mini is dressed almost identical to Holly and her hair is even close, pulled into two pony tails. Holly had two braids but beggars can't be choosers. This is so close I am super excited.

I'm not sure about the guns and other weapons. The TV show never had guns, but removing this and having the mini still look good might be difficult. I'm considering allowing for the use of guns and other light weapons like axes, machetes, etc. Using some small weapons might help gameplay so I'll decide once I get the mini.

Family outfits from Land of the Lost

The Joel mini is dressed very Land of the Lost too. Since this game will be an open world with more playable characters than those just from the TV show I have decided to make other made up playable characters, or perhaps variations of the original characters from the TV show. Getting the three main characters as close as possible will be fun but adding new characters to the game and creating a sort of fan-fiction aspect will be a must to make any land of the Lost game enjoyable.

I'm going to try and find a nice wooden box for the minis I customize and store them all in there.

Here are the minis from Hasslefree Miniatures. Please visit their great site to search and find interesting minis for what ever games you might be running.

Here are the minis I ordered. Aside from the girl with the gun that will become Holly the other minis will be made up playable or non-playable characters for whatever game we run here.

"Holly" and other possible LOTL NPC minis 

I'm not sure I'll be using this woman with the sledge-hammer but she seemed like if I made it into a torch it might work as a NPC. The dino mini was a sweet find and considering the setting it will be perfect as a monster. I already have lots of dino toys so finding and painting dino minis is not necessary. Now I need to find minis for the Pacu/ape men. I already found Sleestak minis online but I'll save that for a later post.