Friday, October 31, 2014

The Dimvale Dungeon by Matthew Lowes

Matthew Lowes, a connection of mine over at G+ social network, has come up with a very simple, neat, and compact way of making an RPG adventure. 1 page. A small hand-drawn map on a post-it sticky note and, BOOM—you are good to go. I love this. I showed my older son and he is already taking cues from Matthew's great and simple idea. 

The Dimvale Dungeon
Innovation is the core of any good RPG. This micro-adventure, above, on a single sheet of paper by Matthew Lowes is exactly the type of free thinking that makes gamers extra awesome. Bravo, Matthew. 

Above is another work-in-progress Matthew posted today. You can check Matthew out over at his web page: or seek him out on G+.

Happy Halloween everyone!