Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dungeon Temporarily Closed...

My oldest son is sick and I am likely going to be. I did go to the first session of D&D Encounters last night and had a blast. My son had to skip it because of his atomic pain. Hopefully he will get well soon.  He is taking a much needed extended rest now.

Hopefully we will all be 100% soon. Winter break starts Friday and we were planing on gaming, watching movies, going to D&D, and possibly even hitting a gaming convention in MA before the week is up. I'll post more as soon as we have regained all HP and bonuses!


UPDATE:  I'm finally feeling better. 85-90%. Every one of us has been sick now. This was a bad one. One of the worst. We even had the flu shot and still got it. Luckily the winter break was not entirely destroyed. Back to normal. We even managed to play a short game last night.

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