Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is the Deal With Unboxing?

We've all seen the videos. Well maybe most of us have. Those not afraid to admit it. Some nerd gets home with a new gadget, game, tech, toy, or some other brand spanking new thing and in an effort to help others less fortunate who have not yet been able to acquire said item will video the process of opening up the package, often slowly, and explaining all the while as they go.

Wikipedia even has an entry for unboxing, and refers to it as "geek porn." We are obviously adding quickly to our language and culture, hopefully mostly for the better. Now while I have never actually made an unboxing video, (until today) I will say that I am definitely guilty of watching them.

So here is my first attempt at unboxing. Forgive me for not narrating. I could not bring myself to speak. Sometimes body language is all that is needed.

So there you have it. Me unboxing new Magic cards. Wild stuff. In case you were wondering how I held the camera with both hands free, well...I held it under my chin. Now someone go invent a Sniglet for what that is called!


Update: Video does not seem to work on my iPad or iPhone. Not sure about other devices. Sorry. This will not be a video heavy blog anyway. 

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