Tuesday, March 4, 2014

D&D Next Release Dates, MSRP, & Complaining

Barnes and Noble has a few links up that point to when D&D Next will be coming out. This link here shows that the D&D Starter Set will be out on July 15th for around $20. Another link I found for the players handbook is already broken and I'm not going to bother to post it. The info from the source over at enworld.org states that the players handbook will be out August 19, 2014, $49.95. This news of a Gen Con release date was already known.

Did Wizards change the name of D&D Next to simply D&D? Will the PHB be $50? Who knows. D&D Next would sound silly if D&D 6 ever comes out so who knows. I also know that B&N consistently has near everything they sell at or just below the MSRP while Amazon will sell a book B&N charges $49.99 at around the mid $30 level.

I also know that typically most gaming releases hit my gaming store sometimes 3-5 weeks before Amazon and B&N will sell them. Gamers, all I can suggest is go ask your local gaming store. I'd rather pay full MSRP to my gaming store than B&N anyway. You cant sit and play D&D at B&N. Well actually maybe someone should try that. Hehe.

I already am reading some grumbling about the $50 price for the PHB. Gamers love to bark at the moon and grumble, often over the most petty things. It's my least favorite thing about gaming. If you can not manage to set aside $50 between now and August for the Players Handbook then you might want to consider another hobby. Wizards has been working on this game for years. People who work there and run that company want to make some money for their efforts. That's not illegal. And we already have access to the rules. It is conceivable to just write your own adventures and not spend a dime. Complaining? No. That is not conceivable.

I want to hear laughter and cheers people!

If you feel like complaining I have a video for you to watch.

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